Teenagers’ problems and reasons

From all over the world, teenagers reach a stage in which many problems arise. Such problems are very different and long-suffering, because the main cause of the problem is reluctance, humiliation of someone, talking about someone’s personal life or another reason that makes a teenager feel bad and desperate. After such problems, even worse problems arise that can interfere with a person’s mental state. Now I will give the types of problems that I personally have encountered.

Top 10 Social Issues for Today's Teenagers

The problem may arise due to the deterioration of the relationship between two people. Teenagers are in such a state that everything can seem meaningless. When two people talk to each other and there is some kind of tense situation because of the disagreement and dissatisfaction of one of them. This discussion can turn into a fight, a verbal altercation that can lead to a bad result. This is the main reason I have personally known since I lived. But no matter how unhappy I am with the situation, I will never express it in a crowd. The second reason may be the underestimation of a teenager. That is, people are different, one strong, another weak, one beautiful, another hem. This is the type of person in which he differs from others. And this becomes the cause of a fight and a mental disorder. Because an ugly person thinks why others underestimate him, why is he so ugly and many other such things? This is what leads to a low gem, reflecting the tension of a child, a teenager in relationships with others. This becomes a big problem, as the child begins to leave himself alone, because he thinks that he is not worthy of communicating with them. He begins to think that others are stronger and more beautiful than him, but he does not think that he is special and somewhere more beautiful and smarter.

The most popular reasons.

Here are the top 10 social problems teens struggle with every day.

  • Depression. …
  • Bullying. …
  • Drug Use. …
  • Alcohol Use. …
  • Obesity. …
  • Academic Problems. …
  • Peer Pressure.

The cause of adolescent problems can be the use of alcohol and tobacco at a young age. Yes, there are many such children who, under stress, began to suffer from bad habits: smoking, drinking, etc… . In addition to material, they also face psychological problems, because every parent wants his child to be the best, but often the opposite happens. Comparing a child with another more accomplished and intelligent child is wrong, since a teenager has an underestimation and his self-esteem decreases. I think this is a very wrong method, because it can often lead to bad habits and bad consequences .It will be more correct to explain to the child and give advice, as this will make him feel more confident and bolder.

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To some extent, strained family relationships can become a problem when a person with a family is in a tense situation, or his parents do not follow and are not interested in their child. A teenager’s love for another person can become a small problem, because when a person loves someone, he begins to try to achieve this and forgets everything. This can be a deterioration of the child’s diligence․


I personally do not know people who are tired of communicating with black people, but I know that this habit, the problem is widespread. Teenagers have a hatred for a black person, as he begins to consider him unbearable, and a black person feels depressed and lonely from this, which can result in bad habits and bad consequences. We need to fight with this problem, because this is a very bad and shameful situation, because we live in a world where everyone should have equal rights, but experience shows that this is not the case.

No to racism!

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