English May 18-22

6th graders

Topic: Travelling

Learn the words.

I learned it.It’s ok

Exercise 1

I did it

Flying alone for the first time-read and do a recording of the text.

My recording

Questions on the topic.

  • Where would you like to travel?

I like to travel.I have been in many and different countries.But I want to tell you about my favourite country.I want to travel to Russia.Russia it’s my favourite country.

  • Have you ever been on an airplane?

Yes I have been 6 times.

  • What countries would you like to visit? Why?

I like to travel to Russia.Because in Russia are living my aunt and my brother and sister.I miss them and I want to see them.

  • Do you prefer active or relaxing holidays? Why?

Yes.I like to relax.In relaxing holidays I can have a rest.When I become tired I want to have a rest.Relaxinng holidays is a very good traveling and you can have a rest.

  • Do you prefer visitng beaches or mountains?

Yes,because I like to swim and like to climb.It’s my hobby too.

  • Who would you like to travel with?

I want to travel with my family and grandmother.

I watched it

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