Olivia’s story

October 18-22

English in Mind, pages 16,17

Olivia’ s Story

English in mind page 16

Olivia was sitting at her desk,writing a story. It was about a far away planet, XRO17. Lots of people were living on the planet and there wasn’t enough space for everyone, so the President of XRO17 sent five spaceships to find out more about the Earth. As they were getting near the Earth, four of the spaceships caught fire. Only one of them got to the Earth and landed safely.

In it was

He came down from the spaceship and saw the planet Earth․

He did not see the people because the streets were empty and there was silence. He realized that something had happened. As he passed a small corner, he saw people in masks. Of course, people were surprised to see him, but eventually they got along. After having a warm dialogue with each other, people said that there is a deadly virus in the world that kills the elderly. They are protected from dying. The alien realized that he had to leave the earth, because that virus infects other aliens as well. He thought that in order to be safe he should leave the country, and inform the president that it is more dangerous in that country than in their country. When he reached their planet, he told them all. They decided to wait until the inhabitants of the planet Earth recovered, the deadly virus was over, they could arrive the earth, and live with humans.

exercise e

  1. I was writing an email. The phone rang.
  2. Harry was runing to school. He felt and hurt his leg.
  3. Alex and Sue were playing tennis. Lucy arrived.
  4. Antonio was having breakfast. He had a great idea.

exercise c


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