My favorite elective school subjects. are they connected with my future profession?

Finally, we addressed one of the most important questions, whether elective subjects at school will contribute to choosing a profession in the future. Our school, “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” educational complex, has given us such an opportunity and depending on the preferences, the student chooses an activity subject. There are many of them, from sports to foreign languages.

Some choose sports, for example, table tennis, football, basketball, some crafts: jewelry, winemaking, sculpture, and others foreign languages, for example, Spanish, Italian, French. I stopped at the third point, but before that, I chose mathematics, WEB programming. I am currently studying Turkish as an elective at school. I really appreciate that it is taught in our school, and our school is a wonderful example for other educational institutions. In other schools in Armenia, except expensive or more advanced ones, I have not seen students learn the language of their enemy. I myself have been studying at school for a year, and I practice at home in order to improve. The Turkish language is so similar to Armenian that I am amazed that there are so many borrowings in our native language, and the same thing in Turkish.

I have talked so much about advantages and disadvantages, but what is my answer to the actual question? I have always thought that learning Turkish or Azerbaijani has only a positive effect on an Armenian, not only in the sense that he gets to know those two states more closely, their primary symbols: language, culture and history, but also that by learning Turkish, an Armenian first of all, he learns self-defense, because the enemy’s language is the softest weapon against him. I have always wanted to learn it, but for a long time I did not have the opportunity or a teacher to help me in this matter, to facilitate learning the language. And now I have found that opportunity here and now. Even if I don’t need it as a professional subject in the future, I will still be sure that by learning it, delving into it, improving it, I have done something good for myself, my ancestors and the homeland. Of course, not everyone prefers it, some think that it will not be needed in life, and some think that it is just stupidity, but I and not only I think that it is the only weapon to fight against the enemy in our age. The enemy has been learning our mother language for several years, he speaks more fluently than us, and we still complain about how the Turkish language exists at all. I really recommend it and I think it will not be superfluous.


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