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I. One of the favourite holidays of the children in Great Britain is Halloween.

2. This is a story how Jack-o’-lantern (pumpkin lantern) was invented.

3. Once upon a time, there was a big forest through which many travellers journeyed

4. to get to the town on the other side. It was such a dark forest that the travellers

5. often wandered off the dim little trail and got lost. They tried to find their way and

6. finally came to a pretty little cottage where a witch tricked the poor travellers by

7. putting a magic spell on them.

8. One day a poor little girl came to this very forest. As it grew very dark, she lit a

9. candle but the witch blew it out. The girl tried many times to light the candle but

10. the witch blew it out. The girl tried again and again but the flame flickered and

11 went out. Then the poor girl walked under a big nut-tree but the witch turned the

12. nut over the girl’s head into a pumpkin. The girl felt around in the dark and found

13. the pumpkin. She found a stick and began to hollow out the pumpkin. Then she

14. put the candle inside, lit it and put the pumpkin lantern an her head.

15. After a while, the girl came to the witch’s cottage. On seeing a horrible two-headed

16. monster, the witch was frightened. She fell down, knocked herself out on the hard

17. floor and soon died. The magic spell was lifted and the travellers were saved.


to wander — թափառել

nut — ընկույզ

to flicker — թրթռալ

to hollow out — փորել


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